The British Queen and Chaimberlain issued a proclamation in 1900 that the Boer people should be destroyed in its entirety, after which Lord Milner instituted the scorched earth policy and set up concentration camps with the intention of destroying the Boer people by exterminating the children.  This was a child blood sacrifice to the Christian faith demon.

Exodus 15: 3 The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is his name. (Lord means Baal)
God commands, approves of, and delights in burnt offerings, sacrifices, and holy days Ex 29: 36 / Lev 23: 27 / Ex 29: 18 / Lev 1: 9
God accepts human sacrifices 2 Sam 21: 8,9,14 / Gen 22: 2 / Judg 11: 30-32,34,38,39


  • Post-War

The Peace of Union was never observed by the British, meaning the War against the Boer People never ended.
The Afrikaner was appointed dictator to suppress the Boer people with military occupation so that the Boer people would never be able to get their land back.
The Afrikaner rewrites the history of the Boers and makes himself a beneficiary of the Boers' land, right to life.
The Afrikaner renamed the Boere's Taal to "Afrikaans" to pretend it was his language, while the Afrikaner spoke Afrikaans, a gibberish language.
In this document , on page two, the Afrikaner admits that he had no language, and therefore he steals the Boervolk's language and renames it humiliatingly to "Afrikaans".

Through this document the Afrikaner admits that he is trying to destroy the Boer identity by confusing Boer (burger) with boer (farmer).
Farmers were deprived of their land, right to life, and it was handed out to whoever wanted it.  In any case, the Boers had nothing to return to, killing most of their wives and children and destroying the farms.

  • Present

The Boer people are not recognized in their own country, but 11 official foreign languages are recognized.
Polarization and false history are broadcast on the nation's media that the Boers stole the land of the millions of imported blacks and killed thousands for it.

"Black the Boer" is sung by the blacks and "farm attacks" are launched where probably more than 120 000 farmers were killed, while about 20 times more blacks are committed on white murders in the cities.  The target is the Boer people, but foreigners cannot distinguish between Boer and Afrikaner and others.  The Afrikaner welcomes the fact that some of his own are also killed, because he can claim that he is the victim of genocide.  Blacks, who have no sympathy with their own or other countries 'blacks, kill the' too, and the order wants to demand from it that it is only crime.

The target is the Boer people who claim their Land.


  • The Afrikaner


He who calls death over others
inherits the shadow over his porch.
to go steeper against the sun;
ruler has trampled on our word,
pressed, to tap brighter;
ruling laws bound our voice
to find deeper compassionate sound ...
We are still fighting in our own country
struggle to stand up for one's own language,
still there shrinks hearts cold from hatred
every time we speak popularly;
but behind barrier of parallel
hide former rulers anxious
that speech that takes shape
pulse rate lost in Africa ...
He who asks death over others
is carried into the darkness itself.
                    - GA Watermeyer