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Culture, Sentiments and Value System applicable to the Boer Race and its Citizens

The reader must restrain all personal sentiments and emotions and bear in mind that the Laws of Nature and its principles are the primary factors that must be kept in mind throughout.  The reader must also keep in mind that our science and history constantly prove to those who pay attention to it, that Mankind's existence is based on many falsehoods and brainwashing from and by others.

The current world-health-and-control situation in which the Boer Race find itself, as well as the exposure of our (and others' ) true history, as well as the evil manipulators, the threat and attacks on the Boer Race and other white races, but especially the freedom and self-determination urge of the Boer Race, determines or emphasizes several of the points of view taken.

The factors set out below are inherited culture, involving learned facets, sentiments and values of the Boer Race with the aim of living well and benefit to all. There has never be peace in human history. The bloodlines that rule the world have applied evil control for a very long time and will not give it up under any circumstances.  They will rather destroy all of mankind. The unveiling aquifer period that began since 2012 exposes the truths of the world on a large scale and Man's destruction is already happening with Man's full cooperation.

The Afrikaner, with his diligence and financial advantage, is used by these evil bloodlines to control South Africa and to carefully realise every wrong and destructive motion, unfair law, distorted aspect and bad intent.

Therefore, the controllers over the Afrikaner, the Afrikaner themselves and every Afrikanerbond, their employees, their friends, and the control mechanisms of their enforcers, are our enemy.

001 The Boer Race are a people formed from European white races who fled from especially the evil deeds and control by religion.

002 The Boer Race are the People of Vows who refer to the Almighty Creator of Nature with The Creation Laws on which we are completely dependent and subordinate.

003 The Boer Race consist of white people who are called Boers (Buhrs). The Boer Race do not necessarily have any connotation with farmers.

004 Boers are individualists who regard each other as equal, without leaders. Every Boer is a leader in his own right and upholds the responsibilities of the Race.

005 Titles are granted to citizens are only in official capacities/roles for the period of their performance of duty.

006 Boers deliberate about matters until agreement is reached when each citizen indicating that he or she accepts the decision on a matter.

007 Boers do not belong to any political parties and do not participate in political party affairs or organizational affairs.

008 The Boer Race work together in a Republic system for the joint success of all.

009 Boers do not cheat or deceive anyone.

010 Boers are not employed.

011 The Boer Race's right to life and existence rests on its land and is ensured by the operation of the Boer Race's Republic.

012 The land on which the Boervolk lives belongs to their descendants.

013 Boers consider it their responsibility to keep Nature pure and respect it.

014 The Boer Race's life insurance is the responsibility of the Boervolk Representative Council.

015 The Boer Race do not mix or experiment in any way over the color barrier nor with other races and it does not interfere with other racial issues.

016 No harsh language is used in front of women and children.

017 Language use is cherished to keep it beautiful and pure.

018 The Boer Race only share their talents with their own citizens and descendants.

019 Boers consider it their duty to share gifts, talents and knowledge with their offspring.

020 The Boer Race works together so that every citizen has a roof over his head and food to eat.

021 The Boer Race do not support insurance, assurance or any other parasite systems.

022 Senior citizens are respected for being wiser and with more life experience.

023 In the tradition of the Boer Race, people call an older man "Oom" and an older lady "Tannie".

024 Citizens speak constructively of each other and respect another citizen's views and actions.

025 Disagreements between citizens are argued with each other as far as possible, but respectfully.

026 The Volkshof's process makes a verdict on crimes and disagreements that remain unresolved.

027 The Boer Race and especially senior citizens determine who (specifically) the enemies of the Boer Race are.

028 The Boer Race does not side (under no circumstances) with enemies, invaders or parasitic enterprises.

029 The Boer Race does not socialize or side with (under any circumstances) other races and cultures.

030 Men do not interfere with another man's wife and women do not interfere with another woman's husband.

031 Public talks, media reports and broadcasts are kept within the strict boundaries of the Boer Race's culture.

032 Administration staff must be thoroughly trained and carry out their tasks with zeal to their best standard and national expectation.

033 Boer citizens who want to improve their property can obtain money for this purpose from the Boervolk Bank.

034 It is obligatory that Boer Race citizens be armed.

035 Boer citizens, as far as possible, rely only on his own medication and/or remedies provided by fellow citizens.

036 Boer citizens, as far as possible, rely only on labour provided by/to fellow citizens.

037 Boer citizens, as far as possible, trade and make use of resources and services provided by fellow citizens.

038 Boer citizens take a strong stand on all the values and cultural aspects of the Boer Race.

039 The Boer Race represents and functions in every facet of the modern world without participation in unnatural and destructive processes.

040 The Boer Race respects and uses land with the natural processes in it for agriculture and uses constructive methods of pest control.

041 Other races are regarded as temporary visitors who visit within defined dates according to their purpose, after which they must return to their own countries.

042 According to the warnings given to the Boer Race, the Boer Race are preparing to receive white Europeans who are able to flee after drastic events hit those countries.

043 The Boer Race follows and respects its own culture, sentiments, values and laws, first.

044 Boer citizens sign an emancipation document and follow an emancipation process announcing that each citizen declares himself/herself free from any system and organization that has any control or say in any way or makes demands over that citizen.

045 Boer citizens sign an affirmation of loyalty and a commitment to assure each other of the seriousness with which we handle our Boer Race affairs.

046 The Boer Race and its citizens make every possible attempt to give all the money that is considered payable for services and income to the Boer Race internally.

047 The Boer Race uses every possible process and means to protect their: lives, family, relatives, property, fellow citizens, national assets, and land against every attack, exploitation and prejudice.

048 Administrative processes must be completed according to simple and meaningful procedures.

049 The most important factors presented to the Boer Race by the Boervolk Representative Council must be addressed by citizens as urgent and necessary.

050 The Boervolk Representative Council is unpolarised by the broad Boervolk public to deal with every possible facet of being a people and their humanity.

051 The Boer Race support each other as far as possible to get rid of the fiat money power.

052 Every Boer citizen works responsibly to be able to take care of his own family.

053 Young adults have the responsibility to equip themselves with knowledge and expertise.

054 The Boer Race  work together to provide jobs to young citizens.

055 Boer citizens perform their specific tasks, but also have the aptitude to support all other facets of work, maintenance and life where possible or necessary.

056 Boer roles consisting of citizens who preferably can function in those roles offer support, guidelines, processes, and terms of office to the various Republican structures.

057 Place names assigned by our ancestors are retained with respect.

058 Systems of control, taxation, and alien parasite systems implemented on our path (and elsewhere) are rejected.

059 The Boer Race accept jurisdiction only from its own people.

060 The Boer Race boundaries, laws, guidelines and structures are unconditionally accepted and applied until the people deem it necessary to change it in the future.

061. The Boer Race's 'vierkleur' flag and emblems are the proud symbols of the Boer Race.

Laws of Creation:

1) Nature dictates a visible example to everyone.

2) All life strives in purpose and action to ensure the survival of its own kind.

3) Each species produces its equal in species with each one's specific purpose and prestige.

4) Every species in nature is endowed with abilities and is tasked to fulfill its existence honorably and faithfully to its purpose of creation.

5) The existence and survival of each species is essential for the survival of other species.

6) No species is inferior or chosen over the rest. From the smallest to the largest is important and essential for some purpose of survival on earth.

7) The extinction or destruction of a species is eternal and causes the extinction of other species and is a violation of the perfect creation that brings disaster and misery.

8) Birth and death are the eternal commandment of renewal that keeps creation youthful, powerful, and growing.

9) The unadulterated Nature is and remains the only source of knowledge and truth. It is the yardstick by which all knowledge and ideas, the doings and doings of people, should be tested.

10) The survival of a people and race is directly subject to the laws of creation.

Maintenance of Creation Laws:

Man's existence on earth is proof that he is an essential function and link in Nature's eternal cycle, equipped with the necessary abilities and skill. To fulfill the function honorably is the fulfillment of your right to exist and its continuation. Man is thus an ethnic and distinctive grouping under the solid, unchanging laws of nature. It demands unity in purpose and function, and a rigid responsibility for:

The purity of your blood and genes,

The promotion and reproduction of your species,

Its protection and defense,

The nourishment and upbringing of children to live faithfully, proudly and honorably in grateful fidelity to nature and its Creator.

Man is born of a nation for service to the people, as well as for the promotion of the race. Racemates must live in harmony with each other and support each other, and differences must be discussed and resolved according to natural laws. Man may have his own opinion, as long as it serves his people and race, and promotes the order of Nature.

All peoples have the natural instinct to live, provided he can provide independently on his own territory, for his own needs from his own forces.

A people or race that destroys its territory by methods that are contrary to the order of Nature has no claim to life.

All peoples or nations not formed by the creative force as part of Nature are not in harmony with nature, and consequently can make no contribution or input. They live a purposeless existence, with distorted and distorted thoughts with which they corrupt. They have no deeper knowledge of creation and its purpose. Therefore, they destroy and consume and plunder everything under the guise of a perverted, self-created faith, which gives them certain rights.

This is the principle of Nature. If we look in the future at what man is, then we must realize that man is a given link within Nature, with its multiple differences and species, each one is tasked and provided with the abilities to fulfill its task fully. This is the harmony that occurs in Nature.


Boer citizens may not be  vaccinated. Not for any purpose or reason.

Every Boer citizen must arm himself/herself.


Sarie Marais (in Boertaal) with photos from the Anglo-Boer War.
Sarie Marais (Sarie Marijs) sung in Boertaal by Chris A. Blignaut & Die Melodians c. 1931 
With photos of the participants in the Anglo-Boer War.

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