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Introductory Concepts to World History  

What is History:  History is the tragic story of people's existence on this earth.  For thousands of years man has been controlled by other people, people with hidden agendas, people whose thinking and knowledge are unknown.  We also call these the occult powers.  Occult is hidden knowledge.
These occult powers make use of psychological effects in which they force Man in a direction that is beneficial to them, and detrimental to Man.
  Where people still have a little freedom and right, it is also restricted. That is why democracy is the more beneficial system in the world today, especially for these chosen people.  In democracy it is stipulated that:

  • the masses are always right,

  • the minority is never right,

  • the individual has no right.

However, the facts are that:

  • the masses are never right,

  • the minority is sometimes right,

  • and the truth is the privilege of individuals.

This reverse business has been created through thousands of years of which we are aware in history.  It is a sad story that people suffer from, not as free humans, not as a created being who fills a place in nature, and performs its task in it as we observe it in nature for all living organisms.  These people are intellectuals, self-elected.  For thousands of years there has been a self-elected elite group of people in the world.  Their ultimate goal is total domination on earth, the power over life and death, rightfully created by themselves for their divine mastery of tyranny, coercion, sadism, bloodshed and mixing of the entire world's population into serving servants, without rights or any form of freedoms. 


For millennia, a protocol has been worked on for generations, and it has been refined again and again, until its psychological effects are perfect for obedience and submission, by exploiting Man's fears of the unknown, supernatural, jealous, senseless, unsatisfactory cruelty.  It is a reflection of their own built-in passions and urges that they crave, an imperishable urge for the possession and control of all earthly sources of wealth and riches.  Their unthinkable desire for luxury, lust for pleasure, enjoyment, exuberant arrogance, even perverse sex orgies, does not dampen or satisfy them.  Their lustful and earthly urges are unsatisfactory.
These people's abusive practices are what all mankind suffers from: vengeance, jealousy, envy, greed.
  They brought to perfection the art of cunning deceit and political deception.

It is an unrecognizable and inviolable cruel god who they sell to the people, by which and with which they force the people through fear. With these created gods they frighten Man.  Many denominations divide Man so that they can not be in unity and offer any resistance.  Everything was planned by them with the belief in a god, who they created and who causes everything, who then lives out of the reach of Man in heaven. That relieves the parasites of all blame, liability and responsibility.

As their representatives would say: “Brother, Sister, forgive and forget; it is the Lord's will ” and with that, the matter was settled. The intellectual parasites, who are the ones responsible, walk away unscathed.
  It is belief in the infallible protector of the intellectual criminals and it is a delusion of imagination offered to us.  They organize mankind and provide Man with habits and opinions that undermine and even extinguish Man's resilient consciousness.  This invisible mechanism of society is in fact the intelligent conscious manipulation of our given organized habits and opinions.  The most important element of democracy is the loss of spirituality, awareness and distinction between Nature and deception, the existing and non-existent, we have surrendered to their grace.  They control our reason and thought and they shape and guide our decisions. Our ideas were mostly suggestions made by them.

In times like these, under misery and tribulation, we pray to their protective god for a leader, a god created in their fertile, intellectual, criminal brains, with whom they have imprisoned us for thousands of years.  This story has given us all misery throughout history.  They control the media, they control the printing press, provide us with our crippled reason so that we can walk in the paths they have created for us to our own downfall.  Those who benefit from it will eventually have the kingdom on earth, while we have thereby neglected and forgotten the duties given by our Creator.  We no longer know our own way forward.  If we look at history now, we have a need to think about these things.  Then we need to think further.  We must reason and pave our own way in the dark hours to survive, and the only value we have for it, is the value we can observe and see in Nature: through it. Man today needs a value system.

Rules of value are in no way intended for religious or political purposes, or for their replacement.  It may never be used for the benefit of politics or any religion.  Rules of value apply to all races and nations: they are non-racist, but serve each one of us equally.  Rules of value do not discriminate, but confirm the importance of each species and the necessity of its survival.  Rules of value are nature-given, eternal, rigid.  It does not excuse anyone and never changes, ever. Before all races and nations understand and obey it, there can be no peace, happiness or prosperity.  Rules of value demand from Man common sense, discernment, and reasoned responsibility, equally parallel to the regulatory and controlling rules of Nature.

The ontogenesis of humans according to their species, endowed with their abilities, character, culture, etc., gives each group a distinctive identity.  The abilities determine the purpose and function they must fulfill in nature.  Nothing in nature is superfluous, every organism from small to large performs a task, purposefully, generation after generation.  Rules of value demand genetic purity, in and through which the identity and ability are preserved, identical to its origin, as the will of creation formulated it and administered it to you.  Wild animals, birds, fish, insects, parasites, plants and trees follow it.  Kind sticks to kind.  Under these same, honorable laws of nature demand man to function, and consequently man is part of nature, out of nature, for nature, to do his part in nature.  The whole of nature as a whole is a great symbiosis, where everything works together for the survival of the one and the other.  The grass feeds the animals, the animals feed the grass in an eternal cycle, unchanged.  Therefore, it is important to return to the Will of Creation and the Constitution, to fulfill it:

1)  Nature dictates a visible example to each and every one.
  All life strives, in purpose and deed, for the survival of its own kind.

3)  Each species produces its equal in kind, purpose and prestige.

4)  Each species is tasked and endowed with abilities to fulfill its purpose of existence honorably and faithfully to meet its purpose of creation.
  The existence and survival of each species is essential for the survival of other species.
  No species is inferior, exalted or chosen over the rest.
  From the smallest to the largest is equal, equally important and essential for the survival of life on Earth.
  The extinction or destruction of a species is eternal, causing the extinction of other species, and is a violation of the perfect creation that brings disaster and misery.
  Birth and death are the everlasting commandments of renewal that keep creation youthful, powerful, and growing.  Thus, in nature, there are organisms that build up from the primary nutrients to visible forms of life that in turn serve as nutrients for other forms of life.  After death, other organisms take over and break down again into the primary nutrients, and a new cycle begins, a rebirth, identical in all respects to the first, therefore, a guarantee of eternal life.
  The unadulterated nature is and remains the only source of knowledge and truth.  It is the yardstick by which all knowledge and ideas, the doings and doings of people, should be tested.  Any law or political ideology, economic system, or social or belief system that deviates from it even to the slightest degree is treason against Man and Nature, a rebellion against the creative power and these laws.
11)  The survival of a people and race is directly subject to the laws of Creation.  Man's existence on Earth is proof that he is an essential function and link in nature's eternal cycle, equipped with the necessary abilities and skill.  To honor the function is the fulfillment of your right to exist and its continuation. Man is thus an ethnic and distinctive grouping under the solid, unchanging laws of Nature.  It demands unity in purpose and function, and a rigid responsibility for:
  The purity of your blood and genes,
  The promotion and multiplication of your species,
  Its protection and defense,
  The nourishment and upbringing of children to live faithfully, proudly and honorably in grateful fidelity to  the Nature and the Creator thereof.

  Man is born of a nation for service to the people, as well as for the promotion of the race.  Racial peoples must live in harmony with each other and support each other, and differences must be discussed and resolved according to natural laws.  Man may have his own opinion, as long as it serves his people and race, and promotes the order of Nature.
  All peoples have the right to life, provided he can provide independently on his own territory, for his own needs from his own forces.
  A people or race that destroys its territory, by methods that are contrary to the order of Nature, has no right to life.
  All peoples or nations not formed by the creative force as part of nature are not in harmony with Nature, and consequently can make no contribution or input.  They live a purposeless existence, with distorted and distorted thoughts with which they corrupt.  They have no deeper knowledge of Creation and its purpose.  Therefore, they destroy and consume and plunder everything under the guise of a perverted, self-created faith, which gives them certain rights.
  This is the principle of Nature.  If we look in the future at what Man is, then we must realize that Man is a given link within Nature, with its multiple differences and species, each one is tasked and provided with the abilities to fulfill its task fully.  This is the harmony that occurs in Nature.  Through the history we have experienced, we see the parasites, with their peculiar faith that they offers you, in no way in harmony with Nature's principles, and consequently it causes a disharmony in Nature.  This is the cause of all the misery of all peoples throughout history to this day.  War breaks the laws of Creation and leads to misery and sorrow.
Our enemy has shattered all the peoples of the world and is now in control of everything:
  The religion.
  The malicious statutory legal system with its accompanying democratic (communist) politics.
  The weapons.
  The money.
  The press, media and education systems.
  The medical / healthcare system.
All that the peoples of the world have to oppose our common enemy is one another, collectively, under the laws of Creation.
  Our enemy is by far a minority here on Earth.  With peoples' cooperation in unity, we eliminate the enemy's plans for mass murder on all of us. Global Genocide.

We must be an example to all children of all nations, and stand up against injustice, for the sake of their survival.  Every child on Earth belongs to a people who have a right to exist on their own territory to honor their purpose of creation.  The blood and genes of the Boer people contain the standard moralities of the creations.  It is our Creative duty to lead the peoples of the world to freedom, by informing them of the laws of Creation and the true, tragic history of us all.  The Boervolk's People's responsibility is to get our own People, urgently, under unity through emancipation toward our Volkshuis and sovereign territory/ies: the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek, (ZAR), and the land that all Boervolk currently stand on.  Regardless of whether your land is “paid for” or not, everyone has the Creative right to live there, wherever they may be in SA, Namibia or the world.  No one, no government, no political policy, no medical reason or religion is going to expropriate the peoples of Africa's land.  Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.  Everyone has the right to decide for himself what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to his people.  Statutory law must take its place under Common law with Common law as supreme authority.  Statutory law must abide by money, commodities and contracts, and stay away from Man and his land.  Compatriots, our future is in each other's hands. 

Reflect on these words and stand with us. We are already standing in our Volkshuis waiting for you.  Emancipate and join for the survival of our People and the peoples of the world.

ZAR Volkshuis

Original Document is here  

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