Boervolk Vow of Allegiance

I declare under oath that I will abide by the Laws of Creation and

its objectives, and also to the interests of the Boervolk which

includes the following:

● I was born out of the Boervolk and declare myself subservient to the People.


● I do not come from the Boervolk, but I carry the interests of the Boervolk on my heart.

● That I will dedicate my life in fidelity to the development and improvement of the Boervolk and promote their interests.

● I will use my physical and mental abilities for the acquisition and preservation of our sovereign land rights in which I can live out my creation-given freedom and right.

● That I accept the Law of Creation as the only Law and Truth that can never change.

● I have a responsibility towards our Boervolk and must at all times promote the interests
of the Boervolk and protect them.

● I acknowledge that we are unique, unique in nature and racially bound.

● I will maintain the purity of our Boer blood and our land as the focal point of our given nature.

● That I will maintain and ensure the purity of my blood.

● I will defend and respect the inviolability of the Boervolk and the family unit.

● I will always uphold the honor of the Boervolk.

● That I as a Member of the Boervolk will contribute to the material, spiritual and cultural enrichment of our People.

● That I will ensure that our land and nature are protected and respected.

● That I will take care of the nutritional needs and upbringing of my children.

● That I will look after the protection and care of our elderly.

● I acknowledge that the survival of the Boervolk is subject to Unity.

● I acknowledge that our Boervolk Territory is and remains our right to exist, our birthright and our responsibility.

● I agree that 3-month resilience training is compulsory for all male school leavers.

● I recognize the Common Judicial Authority of the Volkshof as the only authority over the Boervolk.

● I acknowledge that any act that is contrary to this oath is an undermining of the Boervolk and can therefore be regarded as treason against our People.

● I consider this oath binding on my conscience and I undertake to honour it.