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Boervolk' Land

The Republic of the Transvaal was Internationally recognized as the Land of the Boer People during the Sand River Convention on 17 January 1852, and the Free State on 23 February 1854 during the Bloemfontein Convention. The London Convention of 1884 reaffirmed the "Suzerein ZAR".

Language - Boers  (NOT Afrikaans)

National Anthem - Transvaal:  

           -  Free State   :

Flag -  Transvaal (ZAR) Four-color                      Free State


Land - Transvaal (South African Republic ZAR), Free State

Transvaal Provinces - Republic of Freedom
                       - Stellaland

Motto - Unity Makes Power

Population - Boers, Boervolk  (NOT Afrikaners or others)

Land Boundaries - The territory is as it was before the War against the Boer People began in 1899. 

Currency Unit - ZAR  (ZA Rand).


Meaning of the Four Color Flag's colors -

Green - Life, land, - and is linked to Nature
Red - Energy (as of the Sun), purity of your blood, genetic purity
White - Air, breathing, purity of pursuit of peace and freedom of all
Blue - Water, clarity, sincere intentions, truth


Transvaal Presidents: MW Pretorius, TF Burgers, Paul Kruger

Free State Presidents:  Hofman, Boshof (dictated by Sir George Gray), Sir John Brandt, FW Reits, MT Steyn ​

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